Why Anti-Theft Handbags are Gaining in Popularity

Why Anti-Theft Handbags are Gaining in Popularity

Handbags come in a number of styles and shapes. There are cross-body travel bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, simple totes, wallets, and satchels. While traveling, women usually carry a cross-body bag with a number of compartments so that they can place all their belongings in a neat and organized manner. These travel handbags are now being offered with an added functionality, which is known as anti-theft feature. Such a feature is best suited to cross-body handbags because they are usually very secure on their own as it is impossible to snatch it without cutting or ripping off the straps.

Two of the most popular brands offering anti-theft bags are: Travelon and Pacsafe. Their collection of handbags is reasonably priced, stylish, and highly usable. People have been really impressed and satisfied with most of these bags and one of the main reasons is their anti-theft feature. So, what really is this anti-theft quality and how do manufacturers make handbags that are theft proof?

There are basically four features offered by a handbag that has been made to be theft proof. These are;

  • Locking zippers
  • Slash proof straps
  • Slash proof body panels
  • RFID blocking card and passport slots

All these security features are quite useful especially while traveling. There have been many incidents throughout the world recently in which the thieves either slashed the bottom of a lady’s purse so that the things would fall out or cut the strap and snatch the purse from a woman’s arm. Now you can imagine in such a situation had the woman carried an anti-theft bag, this mishap wouldn’t have happened.      

RFID technology is now being offered by many manufacturers of wallets, wristlets, and mobile purses. This feature protects you from RFID skimming, which is a type of crime that allows the criminal to scan your driver’s license, ID card, passports, and even credit cards that come with embedded chips. In normal wallets and purses in which cards are organized, this facility is not available. However, a wallet offering RFID blocking essentially safeguards you from this type of speed-reading.

There is a wide range of RFID blocking wallets available out there. The next time you search online for a wallet, make sure you add these two words to get results with only the latest wallets with this added functionality. However, even better is to buy a cross-body travel bag with a number of security features so that on your next international trip you can be absolutely sure of your safety.

If you are already looking for an anti-theft bag, it is recommended to check out the Signature Collection by Travelon or stylish handbags offered by Pacsafe. All these bags come in a number of colors to choose from along with different styles and overall appearance. In addition to cross-body bags, you can also find many attractive and usable backpacks in this category. These are usually unisex so even boys can use them for a safe and secure adventure. Choose one that fulfills your requirements and falls within your budget.