How to Protect Your Hair in Summer

How to Protect Your Hair in Summer

Many women are used to straightening or blow-drying their hair even when it is scorching hot outside. These activities can damage your hair badly and particularly if you do them in summers. Moreover, there are hair sprays, creams, gels, and oils that contain certain chemicals that cause more harm than good when you go out in the blazing sun. The results are terrifying ranging from split ends and dryness to premature greying and completely dull hair and lacking in luster. Nobody wants to experience any of these things so as a first step prevent these from happening by taking extra measures in summer.

First off, whenever you go out in the hot blazing sun cover up your hair with a headscarf or hat. This act alone will protect your hair from harmful ultraviolet rays. Moreover, the moisture in the scalp would hold up preventing dryness and frizz. Wind also plays a role in damaging your hair so when you’re all covered up, there will be very little chance for the wind to reach your hair.

It is recommended to use a low heat setting on a hairdryer or straightener if it allows when you’re styling your hair in summer. Too much exposure to heat damages the hair and in summer you also have to bear the sun when going out. It is best not to blow-dry your hair at all but if you absolutely have to, then it is advisable to keep the heat level low.

A number of hair masks are now available on the market and these provide more benefits than using a conditioner or oil. They help to retain the moisture and prevent your hair from drying up when exposed to sunlight. Conditioners are also great but it is recommended not to wash your hair very often because it makes the scalp dry and lose its natural fluids. If you have to wash your hair, for example after swimming, just rinse it with plain water and don’t use a shampoo.

Most shampoos are damaging to the hair, so it is advisable to either look for a chemical-free, all-natural hair wash or wash the hair only once or twice in a week. There are many herbal remedies for keeping the scalp moisturized in summer. Aloe vera and avocado are the best for all hair types. Moreover, apple cider vinegar acts like a natural conditioner. Whenever you can, follow these regimes to get smoother and shinier hair even when it’s blazing hot outside.

The same sunscreen lotion that you use on your body can be used on your hair as well. However, it is not recommended to go overboard when using this tip. Simply run your hands through your hair after you are done applying sunscreen to your face or body. This will provide a good level of protection and safeguard your hair against UV rays.

Follow these tips and tricks in summer to get fuss-free hair that are shinier and more beautiful than ever!