How to Look Great in Pregnancy

How to Look Great in Pregnancy

Every woman goes through a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy. Sometimes these changes affect her moods and sometimes her skin and appearance. Women complain of break-outs during pregnancy but then there are some pregnant ladies who begin to look their best during these nine months. Their hair are healthy are shining and their skin is glowing without doing much effort. Although it’s all natural but you can also take some steps to ensure that you look great even when you feel tired and stressed out during these crucial months. Let’s find out the beauty regime to follow in pregnancy to feel happy and stay healthy.


Pregnancy brings a number of alterations to the skin. You may find that your skin has suddenly turned from being oily to dry or normal. While it is advisable to avoid a lot of creams and lotions at this stage, you should use a light moisturizer or toner to cater to the needs of your new skin type. If it feels dry, you can use some home remedies to moisturize it and feel fresh. You can also change your diet to adjust with oily skin prone to pimples and other problems. Don’t use too many cosmetic products either. They might be harmful for the baby. Use mineral makeup or all-natural products when it comes to self-grooming during pregnancy.


You may start getting grey hair during pregnancy and it’s very common. Some women are of the opinion that hair dyes should not be used during these months but health expert have now cleared many of the products available out there as being safe. However, if you’re still worried about health after-effects of some hair colors available on the market, you can go for chemical-free products that can be found at some salons. Other hair treatments like getting a stylish haircut or protein treatment are also safe.

Stretch Marks

Many women complain of stretch marks during pregnancy; in fact, they are the number one cause of stress for most women when they are expecting. You may start getting these marks during your second trimester most commonly on belly, breasts, thighs, and upper arms. The key is to remain hydrated during these months, drink a lot of water and keep applying a chemical-free moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and soft. Also watch your diet and try not to get constipated by eating fiber-rich foods.


Of course if you’re not paying attention to your health and diet, you will never be able to look great. Take your multivitamins, calcium and iron regularly as advised by your doctor. Drink lots of fluids as well as milk. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables whenever you can. Keep a check on your weight gain. There should be healthy weight gain during pregnancy. Up to 15 kg weight gain is recommended; above this level might not be very healthy for you and the baby. Don’t let nausea and vomiting get to your overall health and appearance.

Follow these tips during pregnancy and you will be as beautiful as you are normally.