3 Main Causes of Toothache

3 Main Causes of Toothache

Have you ever had a toothache in your life? This is a very easy question to answer because whoever has been through that pain, does not forget.

A toothache is one of the most common problems that affect all kinds of people in their daily lives. However, this discomfort means that something in your smile does not go well and needs to be treated as soon as possible to avoid major problems. But, after all, what can cause a toothache? In this post, we tell you the 3 main causes of toothache.


Cavities are the biggest cause of toothache. This is because people discover this problem too late when they start to feel pain. Caries usually develop in the spaces between the teeth. If these spaces are not cleaned thoroughly, plaque (dental plaque) is deposited there. This coating contains bacteria that attack the tooth enamel and gradually destroy it. The main reasons for a so-called hole in the tooth are poor oral hygiene and poor nutrition. Even toddlers can be affected.


Poor hygiene issues are directly linked to toothache. This is also clear in the case of gingivitis and other gum problems. Mainly caused by the accumulation of plaque, gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums in the first stage. If this inflammation progresses, it can cause a retraction in the gums and expose part of the tooth root, a region that is very sensitive to high and low temperatures.

In addition to a retraction, gingivitis can also develop into periodontitis, where part of the bone begins to be reabsorbed. This creates a space between the bone and the tooth, called the periodontal pocket. The periodontal pocket inflames and also contaminates the pulp of the tooth, directly affecting the nerves causing a severe toothache.


Inflammation caused by wisdom teeth also often causes toothache. This is because the poor positioning of wisdom teeth or lack of space in the mouth to hold them are factors that help to put pressure on the jawbones, the gums, and also on the other teeth, causing pain and inflammation of the tissues.

The important thing, in this case, is, as soon as you feel any discomfort, run to see a dentist. After careful evaluation, this professional will be able to decide on the best course of action. Could wisdom be adjusted after birth? Yes, you can. However, if they cause other damage to the mouth, removal is often the most common practice.


The best way to prevent toothache is to keep your oral hygiene up to date, since the lack of proper cleaning in the region is its main cause. Therefore, try to brush your teeth after each meal, at least three times a day. In addition, another important practice is to maintain a routine of periodic visits to the dentist. With this type of monitoring, it is possible to solve possible causes of toothache before they reach the point of causing so much discomfort.

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