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Asian camera stores and photo equipment manufacturers

ACE Index: Taiwan Camera Stores, Digital Cameras
and Taiwan Photo Equipment Manufacturers

Our Index for Asia is organized into the following pages

China Singapore
Hong Kong Japan South Korea
India Malaysia Taiwan R.O.C.
Indonesia Philippines Thailand

ACE has photo equipment directories for 36 countries

Taiwan, Republic of China
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Skier Pro System, Taipei, Taiwan
Manufacture of professional DSLR photo/video/film production equipment, accessories and solutions. Products include carbon fiber shoulder rigs, stainless steel cinema rigs, follow focus gear, stabilizers for rock-steady video and stills, quick-release magnifying viewfinders, tracking dollies, suction grip equipment, related accessories and more. Authorized importers and exporters worldwide. Made in Taiwan from carbon fiber and stainless steel components.

AVY Company Ltd., Jaichung Hsien, Taiwan, ROC
In English and Chinese. Founded in 1973, OEM supplier and assembly of camera components. Stamping of aluminum camera cases and shells, aluminum lens barrels, scanner housings etc. for major manufacturers. Tooling, design and fabrication. Two factories in mainland China.

Bossmen Inc., Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
English and Chinese. Manufacturers of sophisticated dry cabinets to protect cameras and camera equipment, lenses, film and valuables from the damaging effects of high-humidity environments. Also offers security safes to protect original and backup media and important documents from fire and water damage.

Bright Photo Industry Corp, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
English and Chinese languages. Manufactures Britek studio lighting equipment. Products include studio flash and continuous lighting for video and movie production. Stands, booms, battery power supplies and more. Limited product information. Note: web site may disable Netscape.

Civica International Co. Ltd, Luchou City, Taipei, Taiwan
In English. OEM camera manufacturer founded in 1979. Manufacturers of 35mm compact cameras, many models available. Factories in mainland China and Thailand. OEM manufacturer for Vivitar, Braun, Exacta, Raynox, Agfa, Kodak and others.

Farsharp Industrial Corp., Taiwan, ROC
OEM manufacturer founded in 1979. Designs and manufactures manual and autofocus APS and 35mm cameras. Models available with power winders, built-in flash and zoom lenses. Digital cameras. Customers include Vivitar, Jenoptik, Braun, and Voigtlander. Farsharp products are also sold under the Kinon brand.

Focus Cameras Co. Ltd., Yung Ho City, Taipei, Taiwan
OEM manufacturer and exporter of film cameras and lo-res digital cameras in business for 16 years. Single-use models, motor-driven compacts, models with built-in flash, children's 35mm cameras and binoculars. Company-owned brands include Focus and Protax.

Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies, Pan-Chaio City, Taiwan
Affordable dye-sublimation Hi-Ti Photo Printers for digital camera owners and minilabs. Three models output 4x6" prints and photo stickers. Prints are waterproof and UV protected. Economical dye-sub consumables. Model 630PL connects to your PC via USB cable. Standalone model 630PS accepts CompactFlash cards and SmartMedia (with adapter.) Higher capacity model 640DL is specially designed for instant prints at minilabs. Comes with software, cables and consumables. US web site here.

Heng Leong Hang (HLH), Taiwan ROC
In Chinese language. Import and sales of camera equipment. Panasonic and Ricoh digital cameras, Slik tripods, Tokina lenses and Seiko watches.

Highball International Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan ROC
In Chinese and English. Manufacturers of CCTV equipment for security and surveillance markets. Products include wireless security systems, CCD cameras, VCRs, RAID, controllers, switching systems, multiplexers.

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J&D Arts Co. Ltd., Taipai, Taiwan, ROC
In Chinese. One of Taiwan's camera stores specializing in darkroom equipment, presentation tools and print finishing supplies. Braun and Kodak slide projectors, Kentmere photographic papers and inkjet media, Print File and Light Impressions archival storage products, Seal dry mount presses and dry mount supplies, slide sorters and portfolio cases, Rotatrim paper cutters, portable light boxes, Fletcher mat cutters and much more.

Jiunn and Eii Trading Co. Ltd., Taiwan, ROC
In Chinese. Importer and sales of photo equipment. Tamron lenses, Zenza Bronica medium format cameras and Kanebo microfiber lens cleaning cloths.

camera equipmentdye-sublimation printers

Kiev Taiwan, Fengyung City, Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
In English. Taiwanese firm specializing in the sale of Russian-made medium-format cameras, lenses, night vision devices, collectible cameras, and Russian-made Poljot chronometers. Kiev Taiwan says products are imported directly from the Russia-China border under a border trade agreement. Beijing shipping center distributes photo equipment to eight camera stores in China and Taiwan. Note: possible Netscape crash.

Konica Taiwan, Republic of China
In Chinese language. Product information about Konica color film, compact and digital cameras. Simple photography lessons and message forum. Contact and support options.

Kuang Lin Industries Co. Ltd., Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C.
In English and Chinese. Since 1972 manufacturers of Daylite professional studio flash systems. Products include monolights with built-in modeling lamps, continuous tungsten lighting, power packs, reflectors and light modifiers, softboxes, umbrellas, light stands, camera stands and tripods, lighting equipment bags and digital darkroom timers.

Kupo Co. Ltd., Taiwan ROC
In Chinese and English. Manufactures professional lighting stands and grip accessories for film and television production, studio photography and location shoots. Manufactures a variety of stands, clamps and grip equipment, articulated arms, butterfly frames and more., Taiwan
Chinese. Import and sales of photo equipment including Ilford film, paper and chemistry, Durst enlargers and darkroom equipment, Tenba camera bags, Sunpak electronic flash units, Therma Phot print processors and Gra Lab darkroom timers.

Lunar International Co., Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
In Chinese and English. Founded in 1982, leading importer and distributor of photographic, audio visual, and computer imaging products, including Rollei medium format cameras, Sinar large format film and digital cameras, Kaiser photo accessories, Multiblitz studio flash, B+W filters, Wacom digitizing tablets, Mirus film recorders, Sienna digital photo printers, Howtek drum scanners, Silicon Graphics workstations, and more., Taiwan, ROC
In Chinese. Import and sale of Mamiya compact 35mm, 645 and RZ67, and MegaVision digital camera backs for Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica, Fuji and Contax medium format cameras.

Microtek International Inc., Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC
Makers of award-winning ScanMaker film and flatbed color scanners in a wide range of 36, 30 and 24-bit models, with resolutions ranging from 300 to 2000 dpi, scanning bed sizes up to 11x17", some come with a transparency media adapter (with others it's an optional accessory.) Also manufactures in-circuit emulators and the Eyestar line of digital video cameras for internet communications. Extensive support.

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Minton Optic Industry Co. Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan ROC
In Chinese and English. Established in 1985, manufacturers of 35mm and APS compact cameras sold under the Quark and Wizen brand names, S-Cam and Probe digital cameras and multimedia products including digital voice recorders and digital audio components for home theater systems. Contact product support. Download drivers for digital cameras.

Mustang Industrial Corp., Hsinchuang City, Taipei, Taiwan
In Chinese and English. This web site doesn't work properly in Netscape. OEM manufacturers of 35mm compact cameras with built-in flash, auto-focus and other features. Also makes a DPOF compatible dye-sublimation digital photo printer for color prints from digital cameras.

Mustek Systems, Inc., Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
In English and Chinese. Makes an extensive range of Paragon and Plug-n-Scan color flatbed scanners, including SCSI models. The Paragon 1200 A3 Pro can scan documents up to 11.7" x 17" in size. Extensive support, scanner drivers, scanning tutorials, more.

Nikon Taiwan
Information on Nikon cameras, lenses, film scanners and digital cameras in Chinese.

Pacific Image Electronics, Taipei, Taiwan ROC
Designs and manufactures quality ScanAce desktop color flatbed scanners and the PrimeFilm 1800 series film scanners for PCs and Mac systems. Primefilm models 1800AFL and 3600Pro feature autofocus and autoloading of entire rolls of 35mm film. Products are available in the United States at B&H Photo Video, Tiger Direct and many online retailers. PIE has US offices in Torrance, California.

Photonet, Taipei, Taiwan
In Chinese. Web home for subscription photo magazine. Photographic articles, product reviews on cameras, inkjet printers, digital cameras, camera equipment, photo accessories and more. Archived articles from past issues and links to Taiwan camera stores.

Plustek, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
English and Chinese. Products include OpticPro parallel and USB port color flatbed scanners, OptiCam PC cameras (webcams) and the OpticPro scanner with automated document feeder. Download drivers and user guides. Technical support FAQs. Branch offices in Beijing China and Germany.

Premier Image Technology Corporation, Taiwan, ROC
English and Chinese versions. Founded in 1983, "the leading compact camera manufacturer in the world with approximately 14% of global market share." Exports APS and 35mm compact cameras and digital cameras under the Premier brand and as an OEM. Product FAQs, download drivers and instruction manuals.

Sigma Lenses (Keen Focus Corporation), Taiwan, ROC
In Chinese, limited English. Sigma manufactures a wide range of cameras, after market lenses, digital cameras and binoculars. Lens information and focal lengths are in English. Sigma Corporation of America is here.

Teco Image Systems Co. Ltd., Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan, ROC
English and Chinese. Manufacturers of color flatbed scanners. Compact, USB port models don't require an extra power supply. Also makes multi-function digital peripherals for document faxing and printing.

Umax Data Systems Inc., Hsinchu, Taiwan
Chinese, Japanese and English. Manufactures Umax color flatbed scanners, film scanners and AstraPix digital cameras.

Our Index for Asia is organized into the following pages

China Singapore
Hong Kong Japan South Korea
India Malaysia Taiwan R.O.C.
Indonesia Philippines Thailand

ACE has photo equipment directories for 36 countries

ACE means All Camera Equipment !

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