Sears ES-35 camera same as Ricoh Super Shot 1.7

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Posted by Doug Clifford on November 28, 2001 at 18:52:50:

In Reply to: ES.35 Sears Electronic Camera posted by Roy Melton on November 27, 2001 at 19:02:42:

: Need Info on Sears ES.35 Electronic Camera w\Electronic Shutter. Electronic Eye set both lens and shutter. Film advances automatically for 12 pictures w\ one winding. Lens 1.7 Rikenon ......Automatic setting and guide number settings. Camera is in mint condition and has case.

: Does anyone have any idea how old this camera is and what it is worth.

: I don't know if the camera is sync'd for flash or not.

The Sears ES-35 is the same camera as the Ricoh Super Shot 1.7 (Ricoh made both cameras). The camera dates to 1971 and appears to be a 35mm rangefinder with an f/1.7 lens. It's not worth a great deal. Get specific prices from closed auctions on eBay.

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