Elgeet Lens History, eBay ad copy

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Posted by Doug Clifford ( on March 07, 2004 at 10:41:09:

In Reply to: Elgeet Camera Lens posted by Diane Burdine on March 07, 2004 at 07:28:01:

Hello Diane,

While you may have bought the lens for your military photographer friend, it sounds like you are having second thoughts and starting to write ad copy for eBay. Hint: Play heavily on the military angle because the lens has little value. To military memorabilia collectors the box is worth as much as the lens, if not more.

Your description "10 inch lens" makes me believe this lens is for a large format camera, but without a photograph, I can't be sure.

I have borrowed this excerpt on Elgeet Lens Company history from http://www.pairlist.net/pipermail/largeformat/2003q1/005529.html because it appears the author borrows it from another resource.

"...some history of Elgeet courtesy of Rudolf Kingslake. The name is an acronym for the initials L-G-T for London, Goldstein, Terbuska, the founders of the company. London came from Kodak and the others from Ilex. The company was founded in 1946 and made mostly lenses for 8mm and 16 mm movie cameras. Elgeet began to make lenses with aspherical surfaces much earlier than most other manufacturers. Many of their Cine-Navitar series lenses had one or more aspherical surfaces. They also made projection lenses for movie projectors and slide projectors. I have a Navitar lens for my Kodak Carousel projector and find it extremely sharp. Elgeet also made good enlarging lenses. Elgeet also made other types of lenses but I don't have any catalogue data for them. Elgeet purchased the Steinheil Optical works in 1962 but ran into financial difficulties and sold it to Lear Siegler. Elgeet was reorganized in 1964 and sold to MATI. I am not sure if the Elgeet name continued to be used. One of the founders of Elgeet, David Goldstein, later bought out the remaining assets of the old Gundlach Manhattan Optical Co and formed Dynamic Optical Co, later named D.O. Insdustries and eventually Navitar Inc.

The link above is specifically about an "f/4.5 10" Elgeet Anastigmat lens" so it may be worth reading for more information.

: I bought an Elgeet Anastigmata 10 inch lens made in Rochester, N.Y. at a flea market. It came in the original military (army I believe) box marked with MFP and a PH-277 stenciled on the box. It's in beautiful condition. I bought it for a friend of mine who is an active duty SSG combat photographer as a momento. I would love to know more about it... was it a movie camera lens? Any idea when it was used or made and how much it is worth? Let me know if you can shed some history on this item.Thanks, Diane

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