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Posted by J. Ramón Palacios on November 03, 1999 at 22:39:11:

In Reply to: film sent to Image Tech posted by Gene Garza on November 03, 1999 at 21:28:39:

: I sent a roll of film to Image Tech before finding out they had gone out of businness. I never got that envelope back, who has my film and why did they not return my envelope if they were closed????

I hope someone could tell how much you save by using these type of shops, or how much better is their devloping and printing quality.
My experience with restaurants tells me that the smaller they are the better. Le Bec Fin of Philadelphia caters to ten tables and is the best I've ever tasted.
On the other hand, army mess is that, a mess, because they have to serve thousands.
I am convinced that photo labs ar exactly the same. You want quality and certainty, you have to find one close to home,
and you know it might not be cheap but you have more control.
Is like, what is the best school for our children? The closest to home. Where you'll be happier because of the short walk or drive,
there is not a chance you'll become an order number; you will always be Mister WhatEver.

Could you please provide comparative cost data?

As for your specific questions:
"Who has my film?" Probably nobody, it is inside a PO Box.
"Why they didn't returned my envelope if they were closed?" I believe you embodied the answer in your question.
I am really sympathetic but who is going to answer the phones if they are closed?
Maybe you should take a look at:
Avoiding problems with all photo labs
Have a great time.

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