Re: Kodak Medalist II 620 film change

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Posted by Frank on October 20, 1999 at 06:47:36:

In Reply to: Kodak Medalist II 620 film change posted by Ed Bishop on October 18, 1999 at 11:50:58:

: I have an excellent Kodak Medalist that I would love to use again. I have heard there is a way to modify the camera to accept a more modern film size, anybody know who does it? How to do it?

Hi Ed,
An inexpensive way to start using the camera is to buy 120 film and in a darkroom re-roll it onto the 620 spool. You will need a second spool so find an old 620 camera at a fleamarket for a dollar or two for the second spool. Since you need to start rolling it onto the 620 spool from the untaped end make sure that the paper backing and film are as even and tight as possible and just roll it onto the 620 spool. When you get to the tape you may have to move it a tad but that's OK, just don't be moving it over a 1/4 inch from where it was originally taped. Years ago some companies made dual format 120/620 film cameras. I picked one up at a yard sale and use it as a film winder to transfer film from 120 to 620 spools. When sending the film in ALWAYS request the 620 spool back.

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