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Summer 2004
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Mike Berceanu, Australia
internationally known digital imaging
pioneer & commercial photographer
Lars Bergquist, Sweden
veteran outdoor photographer, hiker
and designer of classic typefaces
Doug Clifford, Washington

publisher of the ACE Index and
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Jon Morgan, Singapore
photographer with a strong sense of
design focusing on the Asian milieu
Andy Piggott, Australia
British born, Sydney-based travel
and commercial photographer
Ernest von Rosen, Vancouver B.C.

nationally recognized web designer,
photographer and new media guru
Michael Williams, London, U.K.
London-based portrait, travel and
documentary photographer
Christopher Wright, Australia

publisher of dpi and PhotOZine,
Australia's online photo magazines

French flag in Nice (c) 2000 Andy Piggott

Right Place, Right Moment, Snap!
Memorable photos catch the eye and hold our attention. The French Tricolor flying above is a perfect example. Not many photographers can turn an everyday scene into something intriguing and unique. Even fewer can do it consistently.

Andy Piggott can. Skill elevates this British born working photographer above the rest of the crowd. Piggott lives in Sydney, Australia; he photographs "people, places, travel and faces."

What I like about Andy Piggott's photography is the strength of his curiosity and his intelligent use of color.

He manages to be in the right place at the right time far too often for it to be sheer coincidence. Good photography is all about seeing. Piggott sees things that most of us don't give a second glance -- he anticipates unique juxtapositions before they happen.

Too many photographers take pictures with the camera held at eye-level -- few bother to seek another point of view. If photos are always taken with the camera 5 to 5-1/2 feet off the ground, it brings a stale sameness to pictures. When you study Andy Piggott's photographs, pay attention to the camera angles and techniques he uses to isolate subjects.

Would you have seen the same picture he did?

Color photography is a hit or miss proposition for many. If you don't recognize color has power, you won't be very effective in using color to strengthen a composition. Andy Piggott puts color in a scene where it belongs. By doing so, he emphasizes the subject over the rest of the picture. See for yourself.

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