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ACE Index: Custom Photo Labs, Mini-Labs and
Digital Service Bureaus,
States & Provinces A-I

Note: Businesses are listed alphabetically by state and province. Many are willing to serve your needs by mail; some accept digital files by ftp, BBS upload, or email attachment. Also check our Retail & Mail Order Index for full service camera stores; many have extensive photofinishing and digital imaging services.

Pick a category, state, or province represented or browse the entire index:
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Capitol Filmworks, Montgomery, Alabama
Pro photo lab with digital imaging services, Photo CD scans, photo restorations, presentation graphics, large format posters, PC/Mac file output to slides and negatives, dye sublimation prints, Canon color laser copies, and design services. Digital imaging equipment sales. Toll free number.

NEC Inc., Birmingham, Alabama
Digital imaging services for professional prepress industry. High quality scanning, digital retouching, color separations, in-house digital photography studio, film output, stripping, digital proofs, posters, desktop publishing services and more. Files accepted by email and ftp. Toll free number.


PhotoWright Labs. Anchorage, Alaska
Processing all E-6 color slide and C-41 color negative film in house with Alaska's only Refrema dip and dunk processors. 3 hour E-6 turnaround, Digital Print Station, slide dupes, copy prints and negatives, film scanning to CD Rom, custom color and B/W enlargements, digital photo retouching and restoration and more. Stocks Kodak, Fuji and Agfa film. Visit the store's photo gallery and you'll see why out-of-state customers mail their film here.

Castleton's Custom Processing, Anchorage, Alaska
Quality photofinishing for 35 years. Same day E-6 processing, custom color and b/w printing, Type R prints, internegatives, copy prints, slide dupes, Duratrans and Duraflex prints, instant digital copy prints, scans, film recorder output, digital restoration, Powerpoint and Coreldraw slides, much more.

Alberta, Canada

ABL Imaging, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Site under development. Full service Kodak Q-Lab processing C-41, E-6 and B&W film, 35mm to 8x10, copy work, custom printing, custom murals. Digital services include drum scans, LVT film recorder output 35mm-8x10, LaserMaster, DisplayMaker inkjet prints, Fuji Pictrograph prints, digital image manipulation and design, full finishing services. Formerly Photo Decor Imaging.

Digital Photo Services, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Service bureau specializing in photo retouching and restoration. Film recorder output to 35mm slides and negatives. Presentation graphics files output to slides. Digital slide presentations designed. Instructions and hints for preparing image files. Email file transfers accepted.

DLS Imaging, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Customer-oriented digital photo lab. Digital imaging services include drum scans, LightJet 5900 digital color prints, digital translucent prints, dry mounting, lamination and more. Price list and gallery. Accepts ftp file transfer. Formerly known as 'The Lab.'



Black and White Lab, Prescott, Arizona
Black and white film processing for 35mm, 120, 220 and 4x5 sheet film. Contact sheets and handmade custom enlargements, 5x7 to 24x36. Brown toning available. Sorry, no machine prints. Copy negatives, internegatives, quantity prints, headshots and composites.

Colormark Custom Photo & Imaging, Phoenix, Arizona
Full service photo lab, 6 days a week, custom E-6, C-41 dip and dunk, and B&W from 35mm to 8x10 film. Push and pull development on request. Cross processing available for E-6 and C-41. Floppy Shots. Photos of the Month. Pickup and delivery available within metropolitan Phoenix.

Images Photo, Inc., Tucson, Arizona
Custom black and white lab services for more than 30 years. 35mm, medium and large format film processing, your choice of developers. Special films and push/pull processing. Machine prints and handmade RC and fiber-based prints and reprints. Copy negatives, internegatives, sepia and selenium toning, more. Clients include pros and amateurs, museums and Fortune 500 companies.

Photo Concepts, Phoenix, Arizona
Family owned, full service custom photo lab established in 1983 and located in central Phoenix. Many services are offered including E-6, C-41 and b/w film processing, type C and type R color prints, custom printing including fiber-based b/w, Duratrans and Duraflex, flatbed and drum scanning, film recorder output from 35mm up to 8x10, and more.

British Columbia, Canada

Kitsilano Camtronics Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Photo retouching and restoration, manipulation, 8mm film transferred to video, prints from video, and prints scanned to diskettes. Gallery.

Prism Photo Ltd., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Full photo lab services include processing APS, 35mm, medium and large format films. Color prints, black and white prints, custom prints, contact sheets, E-6 slide processing, toning and more. Digital services include Agfa Pixtasy digital prints, film and flatbed scanning, images from digital files, film recorder output, digital editing and image manipulation, CD transfers and more.



Northern California photo labs and Southern California photo labs have their own index pages.


Advanced Digital Imaging, Fort Collins, Colorado
Extensive photo lab to digital services, develops and scans APS and 35mm color negative and color slide film, Picture Disk and FlashPix floppy disks, Photo CD and Pro Photo CD, CD-Rom duplication, Fuji Pictography digital prints on photographic paper, photo restoration and manipulation, more. Provides outlab services for retailers and minilabs. Sales of Olympus digital cameras, dye-sub printers, software and supplies.

Amaranth Photo Imaging, Boulder, Colorado
Custom photo lab and digital imaging services. Film processing, color and b/w printing, slide dupes, copy negs and transparencies, quantity prints, mounting, lamination and framing. Drum scans, flatbed scans, wide format inkjet prints, high-res slides and negs, backlit and tradeshow displays, Master and Pro PhotoCD transfers, graphic design and retouching.

C2 Media, Denver, Colorado
Ten offices in North America. Color laser copies and laser prints, short-run digital color printing, Chromajet poster prints, 35mm presentation slides and overhead transparencies, trade show graphics, mounting, lamination and more. Formerly named Chromacopy.

dr5-Chrome Lab, Denver, Colorado
Specializing in film processing. "The dr5 Process" produces B&W chromes from almost any black and white film, including SCALA-film. Very high-end E6 processing. Custom black and white negative development w/contacts or real B&W optical proof-prints. Film sizes from Minox to 11x14 as well as Super8 positive processing {black and white or color}. Expert B&Wcopy (print to chrome) and dupe services which include interpositive and enlarged negatives. Also our digital-silver service, digital-to-film services.

Elegant Graphics, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Digital service bureau specializing in film output of 35mm slides, negatives and overhead transparencies from computer files, digital cameras, flat art, photographs, optical slide duplication and more. Send files via email and ftp file transfer. Supports files generated by a wide range of graphics software programs. Toll free phone.

Fine Print, Fort Collins, Colorado
"For twenty-five years creating distinctive reproductions for a growing family of discriminating artists and photographers who trust us with their images." Traditional darkroom printing, Lumira digital prints on our 5X Chromira, archival giclées on fine art canvas and watercolor papers. Please call for our free color catalog.

Photo Craft Laboratories, Boulder, Colorado
More than 20 years expertise in custom photo processing, printing and display work. E-6 Q-Lab, repro grade dupes. Digital services include direct digital prints to any size using Cactus or inkjet printers, hi-res drum, flatbed, and slide scans, film output from 35mm to LVT 8x10. Useful digital info. Upload files. Gallery.

Reed Photo-Imaging, Denver, Colorado
In business since 1976, Reed Photo-Imaging provides E-6 & C-41 film processing, custom color and b&w printing, dupes, CD & drum scanning, digital retouching and composite work, LVT film output, ink jet prints, LightJet 5000 prints, banners, mounting and lamination, trade show graphics and display booths.

Rocky Mountain Film Lab, Aurora, Colorado
Do not send this company your film or money. There is overwhelming evidence Rocky Mountain Film Lab is no longer in business although the domain ( remains active on 6/12/2010, soliciting new customer orders.  Read the lengthy acrimonious thread on regarding hundreds of film rolls sent by customers paying in advance, yet never had their film processed or returned. thread includes May 6, 2010 seizure of company assets by the IRS. Our Recommendation: contact Film Rescue International if you have old color or b&w film which needs processing. This Canadian photo lab has a North Dakota mailing address for US customers. Company History:  Rocky Mountain Film Lab specialized in processing unusual, very old and outdated film, all film sizes, pre-1977 Kodacolor C-22 process, pre-1977 Ektachrome E-4 process, infrared AR5 and E4, K-11 and pre-1977 Kodachrome K-12 process, all black and white films including obscure European brands, Seattle Filmworks and Signature emulsions (5247, 5297, 5294) and more.


Connecticut, Stamford, Connecticut
Online digital photo enlargement printing. 11"x14" to 24"x 40' panoramas and posters using the most advanced six color inkjet technology, indoor fade-resistant for 80+ years under glass. Choice of premium satin, glossy and matte papers, fine art canvas and heat transfer stock. Presentation graphics, indoor signage, Giclee art prints, metal and wood frames. 35mm slide and film scanning for enlargements, printing and digital archive. Orders can be sent by mail, email or ftp file transfer.

ABC Photo Lab, Mystic, Connecticut
Founded by former employees of the now defunct Mystic Color Labs.

Best Photo Lab Inc., Brookfield (Danbury), Connecticut
Full service photofinishing lab and digital imaging service bureau with international client base. Processing C-41 color negative, E-6 reversal, and B&W film. Digital services include Master and Pro Photo CD scanning, photo restoration, and more. BBS file transfer. Toll free number.

Connecticut Photographics, Danbury, Connecticut
Full service photo lab and digital service bureau since 1987; processing E-6 and black & white film 35mm to 8x10. B&W services include archival prints, copy and internegs, slide dupes and more. 35mm to 4x5 film scans, flatbed scans, film recorder output 35mm to 4x5 negs and trans. Dye sublimation and Iris (Giclee) prints, CD archiving.. FTP file transfer.

Cooper's Photo, Norwich, Connecticut
Complete services: color prints, slides, black & white, and digital imaging. 1 hour C-41 with Fuji chemistry and paper for brilliant color and increased longevity. Digital restoration of damaged photos, colorization, and image manipulation. Scanning of prints, slides, and negatives. CD scans.



Associated Photo & Imaging, Miami, Florida
50 years serving South Florida. Photo lab and digital imaging. Color & b/w printing, hand enlarged custom prints, murals, display trans, Cibachrome, copy and dupe slides. Digital services include hi-res drum scans, Fujix digital prints, Fire 1000 negatives and transparencies, Novajet plotter prints and murals. Upload files., Tampa, Florida
Digital files printed to 35mm slide film or slide film scanned to digital images. "Color slides are our specialty!" 35mm slides from your digital camera images.
Creates 35mm slides, B&W and color negatives, and overhead transparencies from Powerpoint, Corel, Harvard Graphics, Photoshop and other graphics and presentation programs. Accepts files via email, floppy and Zip disk. National client list. Relocated from Columbus Ohio.

Dale Laboratories, Hollywood, Florida
See Mail Order Photofinishers for description.

Photo-Tek, Miami, Florida
Owned and operated by photographers. 35mm, APS and 120/220 film developing and printing. Reprints and enlargements. Hand-processed black and white film with your choice of developers. Fuji Pictrography digital color prints from photos, slides and image files. Digital photo restoration. Photos on CD or floppy disk. Photo greeting cards and gifts. Mail orders welcome.

Positive Images, Stuart Florida
Custom photo lab since 1987. E-6 slides and C-41 color processing and printing. Reprints and photo enlargements, Information on policies and services. Open accounts for qualified businesses and individuals.

Reedy Photoprocess Corp., St. Petersburg, Florida
Standard photo lab and digital imaging services. Film processing, long roll processing, video analyzed proofing, machine and custom printing, photogravure, portrait and event packages, quantity prints and more. Digital services include image scans, digital output, model composites, retouching and image editing, photo business cards, page design and layout, more.

Thomson Photo Imaging, Coral Gables, Florida
Since 1948, traditional photo lab and digital imaging services for Southern Florida. E-6, C-41 and b&w dip and dunk processing, 35mm to 8x10 sheet film. Film recorder output from 35mm to 4x5 negs and trans, multimedia, dye sub prints, restoration, manipulation, digital slides and overheads, image archiving to Kodak Photo CD and more. BBS file transfer.

Total Chrome Inc., Davie, Florida
Professional photo lab, serving professional and commercial photographers, medical and corporate clients. Machine and custom color prints and enlargements. Internegatives and copy negatives from 35mm to 4x5". Black and white enlargements, slide presentations, scanning of flat art, slides, color and b&w negatives. High-res film output.



Photo Print Pros, Metropolitan Atlanta (Stockbridge), Georgia
Custom color lab serves professional, advanced, and commercial photographers with an extensive range of digital services. Photo Print Pros offer volume prints, wedding candids, underclass package printing, groups, proms, little leagues, senior portraits, graduation, retouching, mounting, and digital photo restoration. Friendly expert consultation for nearly 30 years. FTP and Http file uploads, and e-mail ordering with prices online. Local phone calls from metro Atlanta, Stockbridge is on Interstate 75, less than 20 miles south of downtown Atlanta.

Camera Repairman, Augusta, Georgia
"Friendly service since 1978." This company offers transfer and copying services, copying your old movies and video tapes to DVD, volume duplication of CDs and DVDs, transferring photos and slides CDs, slide show presentations and more. Repairs for 35mm cameras, specializing in older film SLR cameras. We also service all brands and models of digital point-and-shoot cameras, digital SLR cameras, lenses, flash units, slide projectors and movie projectors.

Chatsworth Sales Photo, Chatworth, Georgia
Family owned for 14 years. Traditional film processing, photofinishing and digital print services. In house portrait studio.

Color Genesis, Atlanta, Georgia
Since 1979, full photo and digital lab services. Processes E-6 and C-41, color and b&w prints, slide dupes, copy negs and internegs, mural prints. Poster, trade show, signage and finishing services. Inkjet and electrostatic prints. 35mm to 8x10 film output, and more. Design and digital compositing services. Hi-res scans, Photo CD. FTP file transfer. Formerly known as DataSlide.

E Six Lab of Atlanta Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
Since 1979 "serving the entire Southeast with quality color transparencies and negative processing, duplicate and copy transparencies, digital color prints and contact sheets, professional scans, retail sales and technical expertise." Kodak Q-Lab, digital camera prints.

H.S. Photo Processing, Atlanta, Georgia
Professional photo lab serving the professional photographer since 1984. Traditional film processing services, scanning and the latest digital workflow processes.

Imagers, Atlanta, Georgia
Service bureau offers extensive digital output options from 35mm to 4x5 slides and negs. Kodak Photo CD and CD archiving. LaserMaster posters. Digital color laser, dye-sub, and thermal prints. Overhead transparencies. Presentation & repro quality dupes. Multimedia services. Digital 4 color offset printing. Studio photography. BBS/FTP file transfer.

Showcase Photographics, Atlanta, Georgia
Serving commercial and industrial markets with extensive photo lab and digital services, from APS to 4x5 sheet film, color, b/w, and transparencies. Digital photo restoration, scanning 35mm and 6x7 negs/slides to media and Photo CD, film recorder output and 8x10 digital prints. Video production services. Ambitious photo education program.



PC Photo, Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii
Traditional and digital minilab services since 1996. One hour photofinishing for 110, APS and 35mm film. Color prints, reprints and enlargements to 12x18". Same day E-6 processing. Black and white services. Color laser copies. One hour portraits, photo greeting cards, business cards, brochures, photo composites.

Photo-Graphic Magic, Honolulu, Hawaii
Custom photo lab and digital imaging services. C-41, E-6 and black and white processing, 35mm, 120/220 and 4x5 sheet film. Machine prints, type C and type R custom color enlargements, sepia toning, slide dupes, copy negs and internegatives. Scanning services, film recorder output, photographic prints from digital files, archival inkjet prints and more. Online price list.


Perk's Photo Inc., Idaho Falls, Idaho
Family-owned camera store with extensive in-house lab processing C-41, E-6, and b/w, enlargements, custom printing, copy negs, more. Digital services include photo restoration, scans, digital prints, CD-ROM transfers, more. Kodak Image Magic and enhancement services. Mail orders welcome.


Discrete Photo, Peoria, Illinois
Quality confidential film developing returned via UPS in plain, unmarked packaging. Reprints, enlargements, digital scanning to diskette available. Warning! This is a very sexually explicit and graphic site.

Kaiser Professional Photo Lab Services, Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Serving amateur and professional photographers since 1974. Traditional photo lab and digital imaging services. One hour C-41 and E-6 processing. Black and white film processing. Custom color and b&w prints. Passport photos, slide duplication, copy negatives, internegatives, large format inkjet printing, hi-res film scans, digital retouching and more.

LightBox Inc., East Dundee, Illinois
Full service custom photo lab for amateurs and professionals. E-6 and C-41 dip and dunk processing. Black and white film processing. Contact sheets and enlarged proofs. Machine prints. Custom color prints, copy negs and transparencies. Custom b&w prints on RC and fiber-based paper, platinum/palladium prints, toning. Mounting, matting, framing and more.

MotoPhoto, Chicago, Illinois
Locations and phone numbers of 27 MotoPhoto franchises in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. One hour 35mm and APS photofinishing. Photo gifts, photo greeting cards, picture frames, film and more.

Photochrome Prints, Park Ridge, Illinois
Since 1976 quality custom film processing and enlargements for business, professionals, and serious amateurs. Copy negatives and internegatives, E-6, display print and transparencies, digital imaging and retouching, accepts internet file transfers. Download price list.

Precision Imaging & Photo, Chicago, Illinois
Since 1969 providing Chicago with custom photo lab and digital imaging services. Kodak Q-Lab E-6, C-41, and black and white processing. Quality machine and custom printing. Repro and slide dupes, conventional and digital retouching, Master and Pro Photo CD transfers, hi-res film recording, drum scans, CD archiving and more. New lab represents merger of GFP and Imperial Color Photo Labs.

P+R Group, Chicago, Illinois
Digital/conventional photo lab. Services include scanning, retouching, B&W and color printing up to 72" wide, slides, dupe transparencies, electrostatic, ink jets, and Lambda 400dpi direct to paper printing. Full mounting and laminating services. Members of Kodak Q-Lab, Adobe Authorized Service Bureau and Quark Authorized Service Bureau.

The Print Lab, Chicago, Illinois
Custom lab serving photographers who revere black and white. Online price list. Basic black and white services at competitive prices and high-end hand printing services include pan masks, ruby masking, toning, platinum and palladium printing, gum prints, salted prints and cyanotypes. Client list includes Spiegel and Dennis Manarchy. PDN's recent review makes for illuminating reading.

Shooters of USA Lab, Palatine, Illinois
35mm and APS photofinishing, E-6 and C-41 processing, color proof sheets, machine prints, package printing, Memory Mates, school composites, copy negatives, mounting, overhead transparencies, slide dupes and prints from slides, Indigo E-Print digital color prints, scanning, film output, Duratrans, photo restoration, photo business cards, photo novelties and more.



Firehouse Image Center, 2 stores, Indianapolis, Indiana
Since 1971, a full service photo lab processing E-6, C-41, and black & white; cross processing too. Complete digital services including Photo CD scanning, digital archiving, prepress, multimedia, web page development, digital film output, inkjet prints, mural printing, slide duplication, mounting, and much more.

Foto-Krafters Inc., Shelbyville (Indianapolis), Indiana
52 years producing high quality photographic images for the entertainment, museum and display industries. Services include E-6, C-41, B/W, archival b/w printing, C-prints, murals, Duratrans, Duraflex, high resolution scanning, image manipulation, CD authoring, 1200dpi ink jet output, Foto-Flex (direct digital photographic imaging), mounting, laminating and more.

Matrix Digital Photo, Indianapolis, Indiana
One-stop shopping for high-end tradeshow graphics and displays, P.O.P. graphics, digital design, digital photography, and much more. Providing hi-res Lightjet 5000 and Durst direct digital photographic prints. Full black and white and color lab services too. Clients include Fortune 500 companies. Ftp file transfer available.

Quality Studio and Camera, Elkhart, Indiana
Minilab services, C-41 processing, printing and enlargements from 35mm and 110 formats. Image scanning. New completely digital portrait studio offers the possibility of 30 minutes from portrait sitting to completely finished prints. Digital services include a Fuji Pictography digital color printer and an Encad wide format inkjet printer. Location portraiture and wedding photography too.


Boyd-Fitzgerald Inc., Bettendorf, Iowa
Film processing, custom color and b/w printing, trade show, backlit and p-o-p displays. Digital design, dtp, and prepress services, including retouching, restoration and photo compositing. Film recorder to 35mm slides, dye-sub and 50" inkjet plotter, color laser copies, Photo CD transfers, studio/ location photography, and finishing services.

Linn Photo, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Complete photo and digital lab services. 35mm, APS and medium format film processing. E6 slide processsing, color and black & white prints, reprints and enlargements. Prints from digital files, slides, slide dupes, film scanning to CD, photo restoration, large format poster prints, print mounting, lamination, custom matting and framing service. Personalized photo gifts include mouse pads, photo mugs, coasters and magnets. Branch in Marion Iowa.

Midwest Photo & Video, Urbandale, Iowa

Multi Media Imaging, Des Moines, Iowa

PT Pro Lab, Norwalk, Iowa

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