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electronic flash manufacturers Metz to Vivitar slave flashes

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ACE Index: Electronic Flash Manufacturers M - Z
Hot Shoe Flashes, Handle Mount Flashes, Slave Flash Units

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Flash Manufacturers M - Z, On Camera Flashes, Flash Slaves

Metz-Werke GmbH & Co., Zirndorf, Germany
In German and English. Mecablitz brand electronic flashes for film and digital cameras. Budget models for beginners, cordless slave flashes, fully-dedicated flashes for specific cameras, hand-held handle mount and hot-shoe SCA flash units are compatible with almost any camera with the correct SCA adapter. Flash brackets and accessories. Metz is the #1 electronic flash in Germany, the Photo Electronics division of Metz-Werke exports flashes to more than 90 countries worldwide.

Nikon USA, Melville, New York
Manufacturers of Speedlight flash units and lighting systems for Nikon digital cameras and film cameras. Product family includes shoe-mount Speedlites, wireless remote TTL flash controller, dual flash wireless close-up Speedlight system for macro photography, wireless Speedlight for multiple flash lighting situations, Nikon's wireless Speedlight Commander controls multiple groups of flash units. Accessories include flash cables, and color filter sets for special effects lighting.

Nissin Japan Ltd., (RTS Inc. US distributor), Deer Park, New York
Japanese manufacturer of compact electronic flashes. Apparently no web home for Nissin and the US distributor's web site offers zero product information when reviewed in May 2007. Nissin is part of Tokina Optical Corporation which includes Tokina lenses, Hoya filters, Kenko photo accessories and Slik tripods.

Novoflex, Memmingen, Germany
English and German. Novaflex offers innovative on-camera flash systems compatible with digital cameras. Products include a flat flash panel with three-dimensional light output, dual compact flash heads for macro and tabletop photography, shadowless ring flash, interchangeable hot-shoes to accommodate different dedicated flash cameras, cold light illumination source, diffused slave flash unit and macro flash kit for closeup applications, flash brackets and accessories.

Olympus America Inc., Center Valley, Pennsylvania
Branded electronic flashes for Olympus digital cameras, ranging from simple to sophisticated models, ranging in list price from $200 to $500. The Olympus FL-50 flash offers a bounce and swivel head, TTL auto exposure, manual settings, automatic flash coverage adjustment and more. Flash brackets and cable accessories.

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Panasonic Corporation of North America, Secaucus, New Jersey
Panasonic branded hot-shoe electronic flashes for Lumix digital cameras, including the DMC-L1, DMC-FZ50, DMC-FZ30, DMC-LC5, DMC-FZ10, DMC-FZ20 and DMC-LC1 camera models. Gateway to Panasonic global web sites.

Pentax Imaging Company, Westminster, Colorado
Manufacturer offers electronic flashes for Pentax 35mm SLRs, 645 and 67-II medium format film cameras and digital cameras. Multi-featured models available, some with autofocus spotbeam and bounce, swivel and zoom heads, more. Visit Pentax Digital SLRs for details on high speed wireless electronic flashes designed for Pentax digital SLR systems.

Phoenix Corporation of America, Hampstead, Maryland
Marketer of Phoenix brand photo accessories for film and digital cameras. Lighting accesories include handle mount and shoe mount electronic flashes, automatic and manual models, manual slaves, TTL infrared flashes, ringflash models, digital bounce, zoom and swivel flash slaves. Phoenix Corporation was acquired by OmegaSatter in 2004.

Promaster brand, Fairfield, Connecticut
Extensive line of dedicated TTL and digital TTL electronic flashes (through-the-lens), non-dedicated hot-shoe flashes, MacroLume macro ring flashes, slave modules, autofocus and manual focus flash modules, flash brackets, off-camera cables and more. Promaster brand photo and digital camera accessories are sold only in camera stores. Developed and marketed by the Photographic Research Organization Inc.

Quantaray brand flashes
House brand name for electronic flashes and other photo accessories sold exclusively in Ritz Camera stores. Manufactured by OEMs for Ritz.

Quantum Instruments Inc., Hauppauge, New York
Best known for heavy-duty rechargeable battery packs, Quantum manufactures the powerful portable, dedicated Qflash for film and digital cameras, used by professional photographers for studio quality lighting on location. Multi-function Qflash is capable of wired and wireless TTL exposure control up to 500 feet and offers up to 150 wattseconds of power. Swivel and bounce head, parabolic and accessory reflectors include bare bulb enhancer, telephoto, wide angle diffuser, soft box and snoot.

Sakar International Inc., Edison, New Jersey
Marketers for the Digital Concepts brand of dedicated electronic flashes for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony digital cameras and 35mm SLRs. Designed for auto focus and TTL metering cameras. Models offer red-eye reduction and focus beam for low-light conditions. Some models with bounce and zoom flash heads.

Sigma Corporation of America, Ronkonkoma, New York
Manufacturer of aftermarket lenses for brand name cameras and Sigma's DSLR and 35mm SLR camera. Products also include Sigma EF series shoemount electronic flashes for Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Pentax and Sigma film and digital cameras. Fully dedicated flashes feature high guide numbers and full TTL exposure control. Muiltifunction Sigma ring flash for macro photography features dual flash tubes and wireless TTL options. Accessories include a Velcro fastened flash bounce reflector for EF 500 series flashguns.

Soligor GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen (Stuttgart ), Germany
English and German languages. Resurrected photo brand for 35mm cameras, afternarket lenses, electronic flash units and tripods. Flashes for Canon, Minolta, Nikon and Pentax manual and autofocus SLRs, some models feature zoom and bounce heads. TTL system electronic flashes for digital cameras. All prices quoted in Euros. Brand name owned by Allied Impex Corporation.

Sony Electronics Inc. USA
Under the "Digital Cameras and Camcorders" category you'll find "Accessories - Flashes". Products include hotshoe flashes for digital cameras, a combo video light / electronic flash for camcorders with still frame capture and a Cyber-Shot slave flash with bracket. Sony's macro photography ring light flash for Cyber-Shot Pro digital cameras is inexplicably found in the video lights category.

Spiralite (house brand flash from Spiratone)
Defunct house brand, defunct retailer.

Starblitz brand, Arkofoto S.A., Barcelona, Spain
English, Spanish and Italian. The Starblitz brand name is owned by Arkofoto S.A., Spanish importer and exporter of digital cameras, photo equipment and accessories. Arkofoto has marketed Starblitz flashes in the past, however the current web site and 2007 catalog offers no Starblitz electronic flashes.

Sunpak, Tocad America Inc., Rockaway, New Jersey
"One of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic flash equipment." Extensive product catalog of handle mount and shoe mount flashes for film and digital cameras. Multi-dedicated thyristor flash units compatible with Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Minolta, Ricoh, Chinon, Pentax cameras. Zoom, bounce and swivel head models. Digital flashes, handle mount flashes for pro photographers, marine underwater flash unit for Nikonos cameras. Sunpak's shadow-free ringlights for macro applications offer power ratio control and built-in modeling lights. Flat panel digital flash offers softbox quality light. Parabolic reflector flash offers dedicated TTL flash control on and off the camera.

Ultiblitz brand electronic flash
Several models of Ultiblitz electronic flashes are distributed by Los Angeles photo accessory wholesaler Dotline Corporation. Ultiblitz products include compact hot shoe flashes with fixed heads, auto bounce-swivel-zoom models, twin flash with fill-light feature, and a multi-dedicated non-TTL flash for several camera models. No manufacturers web site.

Vivitar Corporation, City of Industry, California
Vivitar no longer manufactures electronic flashes. Only the venerable Vivitar 285 model is available. This has been confirmed by Vivitar Customer Service Rep #1 "We only manufacture digital cameras and the 285 is the only flash that came back. I will check to see if we can put information for the flash still being made (on the web site)." - April 30, 2007. The Vivitar Corporation was acquired by Syntax-Brillian in October 2006.

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To best utilize our greatly expanded indexes, start here:
Manufacturer Product Categories

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