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ACE Index, Manufacturers of color film, black and white film
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ACE Index: Manufacturers of
Color Film, Black and White Film

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Manufacturers of Photographic Film, Sherwood, Arkansas
Fresh 16mm Kodak movie film in Ektachrome 100 Daylight, Plus-X and Tri-X reversal film stocks. Standard 8mm motion picture film available in Kodachrome 40, Ektachrome 100 and Plus-X black and white. Fresh Super 8mm film cartridges in Ektachrome, Plus-X and Tri-X reversal emulsions and Kodak's superb Vision 2 and Vision 3 color negative stocks.

Agfa-Gevaert Group, Leverkusen, Germany / Wilmington, Mass.
Full product information for their Agfacolor and Agfachrome color negative and slide films for amateurs and professionals, and Agfapan black and white films, including their unique Agfa Scala 200, a black & white transparency film for professionals. Agfa also makes Agfaclear and Agfatrans display films. Site has an extensive online library of photography tutorials, information and photo gallery.

Cachet Fine Art Photographic Papers, Santa Ana, California
Cachet makes their own line of high quality film in Europe. Cachet / Macophot UP-100 & UP-400 are panchromatic black and white films, featuring wide exposure latitude, fine grain, high sharpness and excellent tonal range. ORT-25 is an orthochromic black and white film for copying black & white continuous-tone originals, line copy work and other applications. Resolving power of 300 lines per mm and is virtually grain free. Films available in 35mm, 35mm bulk rolls & 120. Only sold in case quantity.

Ferrania Imaging Technologies, Woodbury, Minnesota
A global supplier of film products (branded and private label) for the photographic market. 35mm Solaris(tm) (previously sold under 3M/Scotch(tm) and Imation(tm) brands) color print film available in ISO100, 200, 400 and 800, slide film in ISO100, Advanced Photo System film in ISO200 and 400, and ready-to-use cameras in flash, daylight, panoramic, waterproof and telephoto models.

FOMA Bohemia Ltd., Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
In English and Czech. Manufacturers of FOMA color and black and white films, RC and fiber-based photographic papers, and chemicals for processing b&w film and paper. FOMA also makes special purpose b&w film with increased red sensitivity, graphics arts repro film, paper and chemistry, film for medical and industrial uses, and chemistry for x-ray film. Well-designed site.

Forte Photochemical Co. Ltd., Vác, Hungary
In English and Hungarian language. Established in 1922, Forte manufactures Fortepan black and white films, Fortecolor films and RA-4 paper, graded and variable contrast fiber-based and resin-coated Forte photographic papers, black and white and color chemistry. The address is POB 205, H-2601 Vác, Vám u. 3. Hungary, phone (36) 27 314-133, fax (36) 27 314-602.

Fotokemika d.d., Zagreb, Croatia
Manufacturers Efke and Adox film brands. No web page or published email address. Postal address is P.O. Box 02-55, 41001 Zagreb, Croatia. Phone: +38-41-23-1833, fax +38-41-232653.

Fuji Photo Film USA, Inc., Tokyo, Japan / Elmsford, New York
Select Products from the home page and then choose film. Information about Fuji's APS film and their 35mm Fujicolor Superia and Reala color print emulsions and Sensia II slide emulsions. To access information about their professional film products, you must indicate you are a professional user. This will produce an entire new menu of Fuji products, including their black and white Neopan emulsions and Velvia, Astia and Provia slide emulsions.

Ilford Photo Products, Paramus, New Jersey
In English, French and German. Information on all Ilford black and white films and other products. Ilford films are manufactured in England. In addition to their well known PanF Plus, FP4 Plus and HP5 Plus emulsions, Ilford makes XP2 chromogenic black and white film, Delta 400, and the new SFX200 Special Effects emulsion with extended red sensitivity for dramatic b/w landscapes. Tech data PDF files. FAQs. Join Ilfopro Forum or visit the Gallery.

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Eastman Kodak, Rochester, New York
Full information on Kodak film products. Select Products on home page then Films. An entire menu of film groups will appear, including categories for Consumer Films, Professional Black-And-White Films, Professional Color Films, Professional Internegative Films and many more. For information about Kodak's Duratrans, Duraclear, and Duraflex products, select Products, then Materials, then Visual Marketing Products. Kodak PhotoNet online allows users to share their photos online with friends and family, email photos and order reprints.

Konica Photo Imaging, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Konica makes APS and 35mm consumer color print film, and private label film. Professional color print films come in 35mm and 120 sizes and include Impresa 50 for ultra fine grain and sharpness, SR-G160 for commercial and portrait work, SR-G3200, the world's fastest color print film, and Chrome R-100 slide film. With Konica's Online Photo Center, you can access processed photos via the internet before they reach your home, allowing you to send photos to others by email, order reprints, etc. Konica has processing labs on the east and west coast and local dealers and minilabs across the country.

Lekai Film Group, People's Republic of China
In Chinese. China's largest domestic manufacturer of Lucky brand film and paper. Known in the West as the China Lucky Film Corp. Some company information in English. Products include color film and color paper, x-ray film, cine film, photo processing kits, chemistry, magnetic recording materials, inkjet media, scientific and technical films and much more.

Mitsubishi Imaging, Rye, New York
Mitsubishi's Photographic Materials Division markets and distributes MX Series color print film available in 12, 24, and 36 exposure 35mm rolls, in ISO speeds 100, 200, and 400. The film is color balanced for daylight and promises "vivid and natural color reproduction" even when underexposed or overexposed. Mitsubishi is focused on serving the mini-lab market.

Omega/Satter, Hampstead, Maryland
Best known for Omega enlargers, darkroom equipment and photo accessories, Omega/Satter is also the exclusive US distributor for Forte brand black and white film. FortePan film is available in 35mm, 120 and bulk lengths, and comes in three speeds, ISO 100, 200, and 400. Film processing guide for many developers and information about Forte chemistry.

Polaroid Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Select "Products" from main page, then "Instant Film" from menu. Polaroid makes peel-apart pack films, sheet films, and self-timing integral films for Polaroid cameras and professional equipment equipped with Polaroid backs up to 8x10". Polaroid also makes conventional color print film for 110 cameras. Check out the Artist's Studio on Polaroid's web site for a visual treat.

Slavich Company, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia
In Russian and English. Manufactures, exports fiber-based and RC black and white photographic paper including BromPortrait 80, BromExpress 400BP and Beryozka 160RC, ; holographic materials, and photographic glass plates for technical applications, including black and white portrait, landscape and architectural photography, printed circuit and microelectronics fabrication, photoplates for master holograms, high contrast originals and line art, one-tone color photoplates for geodesic surveys, positive image photoplates for projection, spectrographic photoplates, and more.

Tura AG, Düren (near Cologne), Germany
In English. Since 1901, manufacturing film, paper and chemistry. Products include AdvenTura color negative films, color reversal films, Tura BW-C41 P400 is a sharp, fine grain b/w professional film offering excellent print quality and C41 processing, private label films, high contrast b&w document film, fast black and white film with extended red sensitivity for surveillance and more. German language version here.

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To best utilize our greatly expanded indexes, start here:
Manufacturer Product Categories

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