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Posted by Lynn ( on September 23, 2004 at 09:58:37:

In Reply to: Re: Clark Color Lab recieved wrong photo's posted by Kristy Faucher on September 13, 2004 at 09:59:10:

The best that can be found for contacting Clark is:
Clark Color Labs
P.O. Box 3640
Hampton Park, MD 20791

This is what they claim on their web-site:
"...We always use Kodak paper and chemicals to provide superior color and sharpness, and our film developing is fully guaranteed by the Clark Triple Guarantee of Excellence. We guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with your pictures, we will:

refund your money
give you a free replacement roll of film
give you a coupon for free processing"

I, too, did not receive prints or film back from Clark. I sent in 4 rolls at the same time, but only prints from 2 of the rolls. I have emailed them; we'll see if there's any response. I suggest that you, and anyone else whose prints have been lost and had problems getting a response and/or compensation from Clark, to report them to the Better Business Bureau in your state.

: I sent out 7 rolls of film to Calrk Color Lab and I get back 7 BUT 3 out of the seven recieved where of others, they are not my photo's and don't belong to me, now I have 3 rolls of film that were developed where either never processed or sent to someone else like as done to me, I emailed clark and I had expressed my concern and I have not recieved any email messages back, since YOU CAN NOT CALL DIRECTLY THEREFORE NO NUMBER IS LISTED FOR THIS COMPANY, now I have one address in the envelope that I had found for one customer and out of the kindness of my heart I am going to sent thier photo's directly too them, the other families All I have is thier last name and account number with Calrk Color Labs, NOW for me I am missing some really precious photo's of my children and not only that I am MISSING THE ONLY ENCOUNTER I HAVE HAD WITH A CELEBRITY, JESSICA SIMPSON! I took these pictures with confidence that I would get them back, no problems with clark, I WANT MY MISSING PHOTO"S AND I would like to send back the others to clark directly, BUt I strongly feel I should not have to pay for them! If I don't get someone from Clark to rectify this problem I will call the media and possibily have some investagating, I think Clark as a Business should be aware of there flaws and clear up any mishaps that occur and SHOULD be held responsible for any actions these are PRECIOUS PHOTOS THAT CAN NOT BE REPLACED WHEN I AM EVER GOING TO MEET JESSICA SIMPSON EVER AGAIN!, if anyone knows how I can reach clark by phone please email me KTFaucher@aol.comthanksKristy

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