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Camera Repair Shops - Main Page

Camera Repair Tools

You'll need more than a set of jeweler's screwdrivers to repair your camera. If you have "tired eyes" like me, the first thing I'd buy is a magnifier lamp so I can clearly see what I'm doing without a lamp glaring in my face or the need to hold a magnifying glass. Choosing tools to acquire depends on what you need to fix. As Matt Denton, Henry Taber and others demonstrate below, you can often adapt tools or create your own solutions for specific repairs. DIY hobbyists are resourceful nventors.

American Science & Surplus, Chicago, Illinois
Incredible assortment of miniature tools, stainless steel dental tools, diamond files, micro drill bits, watch repair tool kits, stainless steel tweezer sets, miniature tap and die sets, miniature Chinese Riffler files, mini drill sets and much more. Check "Electrical Parts" for digital multimeters, battery holders and rechargeable batteries adaptable for power packs. Check "Optics" for magnifying lamp, lens cleaning fluid, front surface mirrors, headband loupes etc. Retail stores also in Geneva (West Chicago) and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Basic Soldering Guide Photo Gallery
Many cameras, including those from the 1970s and 80s require an occasional electronic circuit to be desoldered and re-soldered. Step-by-step captioned photographs demonstrate good soldering and desoldering techniques, the proper low-watt solder iron, and preparation. Particularly useful skills for electronic flash and light meter repairs.

Favorite Classics / Camera Test Equipment
The only way to know whether a camera works properly is to test its functions. Henry Taber identifies six basic camera functions, shutter speed, shutter curtain speed, aperture opening, light meter accuracy, flash sync and focus. In a series of articles, he shows how you can make test leads (also called jumpers) for checking continuity, a battery holder w/battery, an adjustable light source, a shutter speed tester, a combination shutter speed/curtain speed tester, an aperture tester, flash synchronization tester, EV tester and lens collimator for testing focus. If you don't already own a digital multimeter, he offers recommendations.

Filter Ring Dent Removing Tool
Henry Taber writes and illustrates a simple method to reshape a dented filter ring on your lens so you can once again thread a filter on the lens. One length of scrap wood, a saw or cutting tool, a short length of wood dowel, a hammer and a helper to hold the lens are all you need to fix that dent.

S.K. Grimes, The Photographer's Machinist, Woodsocket, Rhode Island
New design for an adjustable optical spanner wrench for removing and installing lens retainers, available in flat or pointed tips. Hard-to-find items include new Copal shutters, replacement mounting flanges, adapters including step-up and step-down rings, lens board adapters, quality machined lens caps made for any lens, lens boards and more.

Camera Stores

B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio
B&H Photo

42nd Street Photo
42nd Street Photo

KEH buys and sells new, used digital cameras

Porter's Camera Store photo equipment
Porter's Camera

Beach Camera film and digital cameras since 1983
Beach Camera

used cameras and lenses
Used Digital Cameras

Matt's Classic Cameras Repair Tips
Matt Denton suggests lower-cost local sources for many of the repair tools and supplies you'll need. "I can get just about everything I need, save spanner wrenches and leatherette, at either Radio Shack or my local hardware store, craft store, auto parts store, or (gulp) gun shop." Read the entire page for ideas about camera tools and supplies.

Micro-Tools / Fargo Enterprises, Vacaville, California
English and German language. "Planet Earth's largest selection of camera repair tools and supplies." Camera tools from A to Z, camera restoration supplies, large selection of D-SLR sensor cleaning supplies, watch repair tools, Kodak movie projector and slide projector parts and more. Offices in California and Germany. Since 1971.

Ed Romney Publishing, Drayton, South Carolina
Ed Romney died in Spartanburg South Carolina on April 21, 2003 at the age of 71. The late author's web site remains online. Sales of camera repair tools, including a beginner's tool package of the most needed camera tools. High grade imported watchmaker tools and precision tools, including slip-proof long gripper tweezers, lens spanners, lens vises, pen-type fiberglas burnishing brush for cleaning electrical contacts and removing marks from camera chrome. See also camera repair books and manuals.

Radio Shack
Nearly 6,000 stores nationwide and online ordering. Radio Shack sells battery testers, digital multimeters, soldering guns, solder, leads and alligator clips, magnifiers, anti-static vinyl mats for electronics, anti-static tools, mini-pliers and Kronus mini-tools, jeweler's screwdrivers and much more.

Camcorder &
Camera Repair

AV Repair fixes camcorders and Sony Mavica Cybershot repairs digital and film cameras

Video One Repair Sony and Canon Prosumer Camcorders

Shutter Speed Tester, archives
"How to make an accurate shutter speed tester" by John Miller, with accompanying pdf schematic and parts list.

Shutter Speed Tester
Do-it-yourself home made shutter speed tester for those with electronics knowledge and printed circuit board fabrication experience.

Here are some common DIY repairs for specific cameras.


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