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ACE Index: Japan Camera Stores
Camera Repair and Photo Equipment Manufacturers

Our Index for Asia is organized into the following pages

China Singapore
Hong Kong Japan South Korea
India Malaysia Taiwan R.O.C.
Indonesia Philippines Thailand

ACE has photo equipment directories for 36 countries

Here's an excellent online currency converter for international buyers visiting Japan.

see also Philbert Onos index

Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, City of Hokuto, Yamanashi, Japan
In English and Japanese. Renowned photographer Eikoh Hosoe has served as museum director since K*MoPA was founded in 1995. "The Museum embraces photographic art made in the affirmation of life. Work from all countries from 1900 to the present is represented" with an emphasis on collecting platinum prints because platinum printing preserves all the nuances of tonal gradation and are archivally permanent. K*MoPA annually seeks submissions for its "Young Portfolios" program, acquiring selected works from photographers 35 and younger, from around the world. 

Shinko Electric Co., Ltd., Tokyo Japan
In English. Information on Shinko high quality dye-sub thermal digital photo printers for your photo printing needs. Digital color photos for portrait studios, event photography, document photos, for ID photos and for home use. Extensive product specifications show the user-friendly features of Shinko printers and explain dye sublimation printing. One commercial model produces 8x10" dye-sub prints in 30 seconds. Shinko seeks distributors for some countries. Your OEM business is also welcome. Founded in 1949.

Agai Trading Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese. Authorized importers and sales of Multiblitz studio lighting equipment, Broncolor powerpacks, flash heads and monolights, Visatec and Hensel studio flash, Kobold Lumax light banks, Topas Electronic digital imaging products, Multitec camera stands and ball heads.

Asahi Optical Co., Ltd. (Pentax), Japan
In English and Japanese. Information on Pentax cameras and lenses, digital cameras, binoculars, medical imaging products, surveying instruments and more. Selecting Pentax Japan takes you to a Japanese language web site. For information in English, choose either Pentax USA or Pentax Europe.

Batfa Japan Inc., Tokyo, Japan
In English. Export of used Japanese cameras, second-hand minilabs, new and used cars, heavy equipment and more.

BIC Camera, Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese. Cameras and electronics. Online store. This web site may be invisible in Internet Explorer.

Camera-no-Kitamura Co. Ltd., Japan
In Japanese. Online camera shop, photo equipment sales only within Japan. Brand name 35mm and medium format cameras, lenses, digital cameras and camcorders, light meters, tripods, camera bags and cases, photo accessories and more. Corporate web site.

Canon Inc., Tokyo, Japan
In English and Japanese. Corporate headquarters with links to Canon sites and subsidiaries around the world. Info on cameras, lenses, digital cameras, bubblejet printers and more. Product information by region, download drivers and files. Owners and afficianados must visit the Canon Camera Museum where every camera made since 1933 is available for viewing, accompanied by historical notes and specifications.

Canon Sales Co. Inc., Tokyo, Japan
Mostly in Japanese with English navigation. Directed at the Japanese photo equipment consumer, this site also has a digital art gallery.

Chinon Industries Inc., Nagano, Japan
In Japanese and English. Manufactures digital cameras. Chinon no longer makes 35mm cameras, 8mm movie cameras, 8mm movie projectors, 8mm camcorders, scanners and floppy disk drives, however they maintain an FAQ with information about their past products and some service options. Chinon America does not have a web site. The majority owner of Chinon is Eastman Kodak.

Chugai Photo Chemical Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese. Manufacturer and distributor of photo chemicals and paper for the Japanese market. Chugai minilabs systems. Distributor for Ilford branded film, photographic chemistry and paper and other products. Japanese pdf files for all Ilford products. Distributor of Fome-Cor and GatorFoam mounting materials.

Cosina, Japan
In Japanese, some English navigation. Cosina makes 35mm cameras and Cosina branded lenses, and is the manufacturer of Voigtlander Bessa-L, Bessa-R and Bessa-T rangefinder cameras and lenses and related photo accessories. Cosina is an OEM for many brands.

Digital Camera Magazine, Japan
In Japanese. Web home for Japanese subscription photo magazine. Reviews on the latest digital cameras. Sample shots taken with each camera are available for downloading.

Digital Photo Service, Japan
Online photo lab serving Japanese consumers. Upload digital camera images, get photos in the mail. Create online photo albums to share with friends and family around the world. Other services include film processing and scanning to CD-R.

Ebony Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
In English. Well known manufacturer of precision flat-bed view cameras designed by photographer Hiromi Sakanashi. Ebony make a full range of medium-format and large-format cameras, from 6x9cm to 8x10". Clip-on lens shades, all weather focusing cloths and other accessories. Dealers in the US, United Kingdom and Germany.

Elmo Company Ltd., Nagoya, Japan
In Japanese, English link. Since 1921 manufacturers of presentation products including high resolution visual presenters, slide projectors, overhead projectors, film-to-video converters, industrial video cameras, security cameras, color and b/w monitors and related accessories. US web site in English.

Epoque World Co. Ltd., Tokyo Japan
In Japanese, English version. Manufactures underwater photography products. Epoque underwater cameras are 35mm point and shoot cameras which are waterproof to a depth of 45 meters. Related products include Epoque underwater strobes, flash brackets, sportfinders, close-up lenses, color correction filters and underwater video lights.

Gin-ichi Corp., Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese, English navigation. Camera shop catering to the needs of professional photographers. Canon and Nikon 35mm and digital cameras, PhaseOne digital camera backs. Distributors for Ebony view cameras, Domke and Tenba camera bags, OpTech lens pouches and straps, Beseler enlargers, Saunders easels, Tiffen products, Lyson inks, Lightware modular belts, Kodak products and more. Used camera equipment.

Goko Camera Co. Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan
In Japanese and English. Founded in the 1950's, manufactures MacromaX line of APS and compact 35mm cameras for closeup and macro photography. Cameras focus from infinity down to 10" or 4" depending on model and offer expanded depth-of-field. Macro zoom models and professional models also available.

Hakuba Photo Industry Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese, English soon. Photo, video and audio accessories, including tripods, hard-sided shipping cases, stylish luggage-style cases and soft-sided camera bags and compact camera pouches, tripod cases, auxiliary lenses, light boxes, quick-release plates, straps and shoulder pads, photographic filters, loupes, photo albums, album refill pages, wedding and portrait mounts, picture frames and more.

Kanto Camera Service Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese and English. Manufacturer of the MR-9 battery adapter to replace the disconrinued PX-13/ PX-625 1.35 volt mercury battery and the HM-4N battery adapter.

K&C Corporation, Moroyama, Irumagun, Saitama, Japan
Japanese and English versions. Requires Internet Explorer. Sale and export of photo gifts and premiums, including manual and auto 35mm cameras, digital cameras, NinoCo film, binoculars, photo frames and more.

Kodak Japan Ltd., Japan
The Kodak story in Japanese. Emphasis on Kodak digital cameras and the EasyShare system which simplifies transferring pictures from your camera to your computer. Links to Japanese retail partners offering digital prints and personalized photo gifts. Details on Kodak film, paper, chemistry, inkjet paper and more.

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese. Information about Fuji products for the Japanese market, including Fuji brand film, single-use cameras, Fuji FinePix digital cameras, CD media, audio and video tape and more. Company profile, what's new from Fuji, and links to Fujifilm worldwide.

Heiwa Seiki Kogyo (Libec), Yashio-shi, Japan
In Japanese. Manufactures a large selection of professional fluid heads, tripods, camera pedestals and dollies for video cameras and television studios. Libec fluid tripod heads are counter balanced and provide smooth movement that conventional tripods can't match.

Kenko Co. Ltd, Tokyo, Japan
Parent company of Tokina, Hoya and Kenko photographic products, including Tokina's extensive line of aftermarket lenses designed to fit most 35mm cameras, binoculars, telescopes, Hoya glass and resin filters, Delphinus underwater camera housings, and Kenko's wide range of photo accessories.

Konica Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
In English and Japanese. Product information covers Konica digital cameras, APS, compact and single use cameras, the Hexar AF and RF 35mm rangefinders, color paper and film, inkjet paper, photo chemistry and minilabs equipment. Tutorial to taking better pictures and troubleshooting guide helps diagnose problems with your color prints. Corporate background. Konica has been making cameras since 1903.

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Kyocera Corporation, Kyoto, Japan
In English. Makers of Contax and Yashica cameras and lenses, digital cameras and many more non-photo products. Select Products from home page, then find Contax and Yashica under Optical Equipment. Or go directly to the US sites devoted to those cameras, Contax and Yashica.

Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
English and Japanese. Manufacturers of sophisticated electronic test equipment including instruments used by camera repair technicians. Products include digital multimeters, clamp meters, multi-function testers, lux meters (analogue illuminometer), digital Loop/PSC tester, insulation and continuity testers, more.

Lucky Camera Shop, Tokyo, Japan
Retailer. In English and Japanese. Since 1940, buying, selling, and trading of Leica cameras and other fine classic cameras, lenses, and accessories. Map of store location.

Macromedia Inc. , Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese. Developers of Authorware for developers of interactive web and multimedia programs, Director Multimedia Studio, FreeHand, Dreamweaver, Shockwave, Fireworks, and Flash. Also xRes, Extreme 3D, Fontographer and more. Trial downloads, gallery, tech support, and more.

Mamiya OP, Sapporo, Tokyo and other cities, Japan
In Japanese, some English. Founded in 1940, well known manufacturer of medium format cameras and lenses, including the Mamiya RB67, Mamiya 645, Mamiya 7, camera accessories and loupes.

Map Camera, Tokyo, Japan
Retail camera store. In Japanese, some English, including brands and models of cameras. Prices in yen, so if you know current exchange rate, you should be able to estimate cost in your currency. Also used equipment. Appears to be working towards online shopping in English.

Mediajoy, Kyoto, Japan
In Japanese, limited English version. Online camera shop.

Media Technical. Inc., Co., Tokyo, Japan
Japanese and English. Founded in 1965 as a retail camera store, now offers digital camera sales and rental of audio visual equipment

Sharan / MegaHouse Corporation, Japan

Minolta Co. Ltd., Japan
In Japanese, limited English. Product details on Minolta compact cameras, 35mm SLRs, binoculars, Dimage digital cameras, light meters, film scanners, office equipment and more. Corporate home with links to Minolta sites worldwide. Contact information for headquarters in Japan, and Minolta US and Europe. Online photo magazine. Download Minolta drivers and files.

Nidec Copal Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
In English and Japanese. Founded in 1949, diversified company manufactures camera shutters, optical components, minilab equipment, precision minimotors and many non-photographic products. Factories in Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Corporate background and company history.

Nikken Techno Co. Ltd., Japan
In Japanese. Camera repair and video camera repair service.

Nikon Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
In English. Information about all of Nikon's product lines, including 35mm, APS, and underwater cameras, auto focus and manual focus lenses, digital cameras, film scanners and flatbed scanners. Links to Nikon's corporate site and worldwide Nikon links.

Nippon Pro Photo Co. Ltd., four cities, Japan
In Japanese. Camera stores in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Sapporo.

Nissei Commerce Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
In English. Servicing and supplying photofinishing equipment, photo lab support equipment and mini-lab supplies and consumables. Products include Labokey semi-auto and automatic film sleevers, automatic film extractors, Labokey anti-static film cleaner, APS film leader reshaper, APS film rewinder, print cutters for photo stickers, semi-automatic laminator, Labnar cluster lenses for multiple prints from single exposures, film sleeving material, twin check labels, water and chemical filters, much more. Japanese language site here.

Olympus Optical Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese, English version. Corporate profile, product line-up and technical information. Manufacturer of APS, compact, autofocus and manual 35mm cameras, digital cameras, microscopes, tape recorders, medical and endoscopy equipment, much more.

J. Osawa Group Co. Ltd, Japan
In Japanese. Distributes classic Zero Halliburton metal camera cases and leather travel bags, designer watches, jewelry, sporting goods and marine products.

Pentax Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
In English and Japanese. Links to the world of Pentax. Selecting Pentax Japan will bring you to a Japanese language web site. For English information, choose either Pentax USA or Europe. The Pentax Group Page includes a link to the Pentax Camera Museum (unfortunately only in Japanese.)

PhotoGuide Japan, Tokyo, Japan
In English and Japanese. Philbert Ono's comprehensive guide to photography in Japan. A definitive resource for photographers planning a visit to Tokyo. Locate camera stores, labs and repair facilities. Maps. Advice on buying photo equipment. Sales of Japanese photography books, magazines and postcards support this site.

Ramsons Corporation, Osaka, Japan
Buy digital cameras direct from Japan. Latest models from brand names like Axia, Canon, Casio, Epson, Fujifilm, Hitachi, Kodak, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sony, Toshiba and more. Worldwide shipping, great prices, fast delivery. Please read Information (upper right corner) before ordering. In business since 1967, Ramsons is a member of the Photo Marketing Association.

Raynox ( Yoshida Industry Co. Ltd.), Tokyo, Japan
Six languages. Accessory lenses for camcorders and digital cameras.

Ricoh Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
In English and Japanese. Corporate home page. Ricoh has many diversified interests and photography is only part of the picture. Some navigating required to find photo/digital imaging pages. Try the "Global Link" icon, select the part of the world you're in and go from there. The USA site has camera and scanner information.

Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan
In English and Japanese. Manufactures digital cameras. Limited information on Sanyo's consumer electronics product line which include camcorders, LCD projectors, DVD players, VCRs and much more. Visit Sanyo sites in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Canada to piece together their product lines.

Sea & Sea, Saitama, Japan
Japanese and English versions. Manufactures underwater cameras, underwater housings for digital cameras and camcorders, underwater flash units and strobes, accessory lenses and more. Care and maintenance tips, FAQs and contact information. US offices in Carlsbad, California.

Set Shop, Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese, English navigation. Photo surfaces, backgrounds, photo supplies and expendables, rental studio lighting and grip equipment, rental backdrops, props, in-house workshop and more.

Sigma Corporation Aizu, Japan
In Japanese; English soon. Since 1961, manufacturing single lens reflex cameras, lenses designed to fit most 35mm cameras, sports optics and electronic flash units. Sigma's autofocus and manual focus zoom and prime lenses, include aspherical and apochromatic telephoto models. FAQ about products and contact information.

Toho Machine Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese, some English. Manufactures ultra-light-weight Toho view cameras, not to be confused with Toyo view cameras. 4x5", 5x7", and 8x10" models. Toho accessories include film holders, reducing film holders and panoramic dark slides. Toho eccentric lens panels permit rise, fall and shift movements independent of bellows.

Visual Instrument Service & Co. Ltd., Japan
In Japanese. Also known as Cine VIS 8&16. Since 1993 sales, service and repair for used 8mm and 16mm movie cameras. Sales of Super8 and 16mm film. Nicely illustrated Movie Camera and Projector Guide.

Velbon Tripod Industry Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese. Founded in 1954, Velbon manufactures all-metal and carbon-fiber/magnesium tripods used by professionals, amateur photographers and videographers worldwide. Complete catalog includes monopods, panheads, ball heads, quick release platforms, table-top and compact tripods. USA site.

Wista Company Ltd., Japan
In Japanese and English. Wista view cameras. Three models of 4x5 technical compact cameras, wooden field cameras, monorail view camera, four models of multi-lens cameras for ID photos, rollfilm holders, studio camera stands, wooden tripods, accessories for telephoto, close up and wide angle photography, various magnifiers and photo finishing equipment and material.

Yamasaki Optical Company Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
In English and Japanese. Since 1924 manufacturing Congo lenses for large format cameras and darkroom enlargers. Tessar multicoated design. Lens catalog includes specifications, price list and ordering information. Direct sales to camera owners worldwide.

Yasuhara Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
In English and Japanese. Founded by Shin Yasuhara, the "smallest camera maker in the world" prepares to introduce the Yasuhara T981 35mm rangefinder camera with Leica-L screw mount. View prototype photos, learn about production plans and the company philosophy.

Yodobashi Camera Co. Ltd., Tokyo & other cities, Japan
In Japanese. Retail, online and mail order sales within Japan of camera equipment, digital cameras, scanners, computer hardware and software, and home appliances. More than 15 camera stores in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and others cities. No sales outside Japan.

Our Index for Asia is organized into the following pages

China Singapore
Hong Kong Japan South Korea
India Malaysia Taiwan R.O.C.
Indonesia Philippines Thailand

ACE has photo equipment directories for 36 countries

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